macbook air space grey vs silver

MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver 2022

Today we’ll talk about the differences between the MacBook air space grey and silver. I bought the most recent MacBook Pro at the time, which did not include a TouchBar, to replace my old MacBook Pro 2012.

When it was announced, I was sure that the new MacBook should be only available in Space Gray: that is, grey.

Gray was as innovative as the laptop itself, so it made sense to go with a gray theme. We are used to seeing Apple devices in silver, so if we’re going to upgrade our technology, let it stand out from the crowd.

I’m not satisfied with the color of my MacBook Pro today.

MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver

Color does not affect speed. But the perception is very even

For almost a year, I’ve loved the color of my MacBook Pro. Even though the surface of the laptop showed scratches in those areas where my hands are most often placed, the pleasure was not significantly dampened.

However, in recent months, I’ve grown accustomed to seeing the editor-in-chief’s original silver MacBook and feel mundane jealousy.

A Real MacBook should be Silver

This isn’t some passing fancy: there are several compelling reasons to choose this hue.

  • Apple is well-known for its silver laptops and iPhones.
  • The silver laptops were the ones that Steve Jobs displayed at the presentation.
  • In films and music videos, silver MacBooks have become a common sight.
  • Peel only the silver case; not the entire unit.

I used to cover my MacBook’s grey finish with a leather sticker on the lid. And I don’t care for it. I’d want to be proud of my equipment, but now I have neither an illuminated apple nor proper bodily hues.

What will happen next?

I’m sure that when I upgrade to a new computer next year, it will be more functional. Perhaps the most innovative feature is what I’ll want to do with it. What sort of keyboard will I have? How clear will the screen be? How long will it last without an outlet?

But I’m certain that my next MacBook will be as user-friendly, productive, and cool as possible. It will also most certainly be silver.

Red is a color that implies speed! “I painted my vehicles in this hue because I thought the orcs from the Warhammer 40,000 universe would approve. I’m beginning to see why it makes sense.

You may believe that the reasons listed above are incorrect. You could even believe that the color of MacBooks is unimportant in and of itself. But keep in mind that after acquiring a dark grey “piroshki,” you will become desperate for the correct silver shade.

My MacBook now. The gray layer is peeling off.

Even if you don’t, be prepared to deal with the challenge of removing the grey layer. My MacBook, for example, is gradually turning silver. This becomes more apparent over time because I am still typing on the keyboard and my hands are rubbing against the grey cover of the case.

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