How to keep laptops from overheating: (Guide in 2022)

How to keep laptops from overheating? The cooling system of gaming laptops isn’t too great, and they’re also quite heavy. They’re light and portable, but all the components are packed into a convenient frame, which is their greatest fault. Even non-gaming laptops can accumulate a lot of hot air inside them due to this.

When you combine a powerful dedicated GPU with a tiny case, things may get out of hand, which is not the manufacturer’s fault. They can only do so much to keep such a cramped space fresh physically.

As a result, it is your responsibility as a user to make sure the cooling system is in good working order.

Another factor to consider is whether your laptop is effectively ventilated. We’ll go over the main offender when it comes to laptop overheating, which is incorrect placement. A computer’s primary goal when operating under heavy workloads is for it to be placed on a flat, stable surface.

Do laptops overheat on beds?

When a laptop is placed on a soft surface such as a bed or your lap, it’s almost certainly obstructing some or all of the intake grilles on the underside, which means the computer can’t get any fresh air.

When the laptop is positioned on a flat surface, however, the rubber feet ensure that it is raised enough for the fans to pool insufficient cool air to operate effectively.

If you’ve found these intake grilles, you may still safely place the laptop in your lap.

laptop overheating symptoms and shutting down

If you’re not sure what to do, keep an eye on the laptop. It’s possible that anything from a book to a box will suffice as a makeshift stand if you’re putting the laptop down for optimum ventilation or not allowing dust to form in the long run there’s simply no avoiding it.

As a result, cleaning it on a regular basis is the greatest option. It’s true. We recommend cleaning your laptop every three to six months, and believe it or not.

There is a simple method to do it yourself that does not require opening the computer. A can of compressed air, also known as a gas duster, is all you need before you begin.

How can I cool down my laptop?

When you’re finished cleaning, turn off your laptop and allow it to cool down for a few minutes before removing the intake fan grills on the bottom by holding it on its side. now approach the grill with the can close to it and spray but make careful to maintain the can upright.

Otherwise, some of the liquid air may escape, causing harm to the hardware. To clean the intake from every angle, move and tilt the laptop until it no longer sees dust emerge.

Then, after you’re confident that the laptop’s cooling system is functioning effectively, repeat the procedure for each grille. A cooling pad may be purchased to supplement its simple and inexpensive cooling pads.

Nonetheless, they may go a long way toward preventing any possible laptop overheating symptoms.

Laptop overheating when playing games

Having seen how readily we’d advise using them even on non-gaming laptops, it’s reasonable to assume that they are absolutely required if you want to game on a simple one fan cooling pad.

If you’re a gamer, consider purchasing one of these gaming mouse pads. If you have more than four to five fans on your computer, though, it makes sense to invest in something with a larger following.

The sub $30.00 category has four to five fan pads, and they almost pay for themselves over time.

Now, if you’ve done all of the above and your laptop continues to overheat, there’s a good chance that there is a software or hardware issue that must be addressed. The most typical reason for this is that the computer has an underlying software or hardware problem.

How do I stop my laptop GPU from overheating?

The hardware simply isn’t powerful enough to keep up with the amount of data being thrust at it, which is why a dedicated GPU generates a lot of heat.

There’s no avoiding it, but if a low-end GPU is pushed to the limit by today’s games, temperatures can quickly rise and this applies equally to CPUs.

If your gaming performance begins to drop while the room temperature rises, and this indicates that your graphics card is approaching critical levels, you should consider investing in a cooling pad or cleaning your laptop, ideally both.

Changing in-game settings is an option if you’re having trouble with an underpowered GPU, and it won’t fix the problem in this situation. The GPU-heavy features such as anti-aliasing and ambient occlusion are a good place to start lowering.

By far the best approach to support an underpowered GPU to keep up with the times is to reduce its display resolution, in addition to that if you just intend on gaming on a laptop.

It would be beneficial if you spent some money on an external GPU. It’s the greatest approach to displaying desktop-level graphics on a laptop.

It also aids in reducing heat production inside the computer if this is something you’re looking for, see our list of the best external GPUs and descriptions, and lastly.

How do I stop my laptop from overheating when playing Sims?

If your laptop is still heating up despite doing all you can and the FOB may be in a bad fan, most contemporary laptops have numerous internal fans to keep everything fresh, particularly gaming hardware.

If one of these words were to malfunction, the entire laptop cooling pad system would be jeopardized after opening the laptop. The easiest method to tell whether you have a faulty fan is to listen for it.

Listen carefully to each of the intake grilles when the system is put under severe strain. The first giveaway is a rattle from a faulty fan that will make various rattling and grinding noises long before it fails.

If the spinning fan is not the only thing you hear, your cooling system isn’t operating at maximum efficiency.

The second thing to look out for is silence

If there is no noise from the fan when connected to a television, then it is already broken and must be replaced. And that’s all you need to know about keeping your laptop cooler.

If the problem persists after you’ve tried gaming, keep in mind that laptop repairs are more difficult than those on a PC. Always seek expert help when your laptop needs servicing.

If you buy a laptop from an authorized dealer, it usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Even if your laptop is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you should never open it because doing so will render the warranty void, as we’ll explain in this section.

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