Which laptops can last for 5 years?

The longer your computer lasts, the more money you can save in the long run.

The top five laptop brands that are anticipated to endure for a long time have been identified by Kantar Worldpanel. We’re not including Apple Macbooks on the list either.

This study also considers how much each brand’s products are sold on e-commerce platforms, electronics stores, and department shops.


The story may be surprising, even shocking, for you to learn that the top brand in this list isn’t Apple but rather another Asian producer named Lenovo.

The following are the top reasons why it was chosen as the best 2000-watt portable heater. Because of its low price range and long battery life, on average usage, may endure for 8 hours or more.

They also include features such as a premium feel and design, which makes them extremely pleasant to touch.


Dell laptops, like HP and Lenovo computers, are recognized for their stylish looks, high performance, and reasonable pricing.

What sets it apart, though, is its long battery life, which is one of the longest models accessible on the market.

This brand is popular among purchasers because they have grown weary of dealing with laptop companies with poor battery lives.


Customers choose Acer for its low costs and performance, which can compete with other competitors in the market such as Dell and Lenovo.

Acer’s innovation was its ability to provide longer battery life than other laptops on the market. For people who carry their laptops with them everywhere they go, this feature will be a benefit because they won’t have to worry about charging them all of the time.


This brand is the most well-known rival of Toshiba, with its high performance and elegant designs making it appropriate for almost everyone who requires a laptop.

HP laptops, although well-known for lasting approximately four years have recently been unable to satisfy customer expectations.


although it may be last, this brand has high standards for being in possession for many years without suffering from any difficulties or damages.

This is one of the categories where Toshiba gets a lot of praise since its products are highly durable.

It also boasts the ability to function in a lower price range than its competitors, which is unusual for a product of this type.

Although this is a general guideline, it is worth noting that the preceding isn’t a definitive answer. Although most of these companies’ laptops can survive longer, before making a decision, you should do thorough research and reviews for each company to ensure that you get the best laptop for your needs.

Even if they topped the list, there may be some models that didn’t meet customer expectations due to poor quality or performance.

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