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10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

As a programmer, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which laptop to buy? A programmer is to work simultaneously encode every day in one or two languages and needs a good working station to working on. 

Writing code is a very long and tiring process, so you need a computer that is fast and effective that loads and runs your program as fast as possible. Having your code running fast gives you instant results and gives you more time to polish your program. 

There is an extreme saturation of good and bad laptops on the market and they are not cheap! Programming does not start making money before selling a program and doing so the program needs a computer reliable to write code, so he needs to invest his money in an effective way of all development programs, We have compiled a list of 8 tests and reliable laptops that will be a good one for you. 

Languages such as CSS, C, Java, and HTML run smoothly as you can imagine. A good processor, fast read hard drive, and full RAM is the perfect formula for quick and efficient computer programming. Working quickly makes it easy for a programmer to think and immediately improve the program. 

Our choice of laptops can also handle system-intensive programmings , such as graphics Network Development and Gaming, and also make them the most suitable laptops for Web Development and Gaming.

You come to the right place to find the best laptops for computer programming. Our choice is mainly because of their efficient performance and builds quality that provides a comfortable experience, make it easier for programmers to develop programs.

Best Laptop for Programmers 2021​

Dell Inspiron 17

Best laptop for college engineering students

Dell Inspiron 17 2020 | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

Dell is a large supply of 17-inch laptop screens, for its user with a display screen, where they can view everything. Its resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is perfect for daily use. For programming, it will be great to use too much as large screens will help them see their encoding in the larger text due to its large screen size. Other than the screens, the processing power of this laptop is very good too. 

Its 10th gen i5 processor, 16 GBs of RAM, and a full 512 GB of storage SSD make it the perfect laptop for any programmer. You can code in Java, HTML, C +, And Python and it will not even fight to handle the processor code.

the i5 text that is more likely to perform the task code increases the number of cores and themes that give it more than its previous processing power. System. It has an Intel UHD graphics card that is not as powerful as the GPU provided by Nvidia and AMD so it can struggle to operate the graphics focused on the program… 

Development games will not be smooth on it or as this laptop is lacking in the handling of mission-intensive graphics effectively. Overall, this laptop is a good investment if you are a programmer without writing code for developing games.


  • IPS display option
  • Decent upgradability
  • Optical drive
  • Decent keyboard for typing


  • Lacks Thunderbolt connector
  • No sufficient cooling
  • The hinges are too stiff

Latest Apple MacBook Air

Brilliance with Apple M1 Chip

Latest Apple MacBook Air | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

The newest Apple MacBook Air is their laptop that meets the needs of daily use of the laptop. With its Apple M1 chip, it gives you enough energy to compile your written codes. For MacBook programmer has enough power to compile all languages such as Java, HTML and C ++, etc. D. Besides, with 8 GB of RAM, your tasks will work smoothly. If you are a programmer, then the latest Apple MacBook Air is one of the best options available on the market.

Apple MacBook works on their latest M1. The recycled MacBook Air keyboard with a scissor mechanism makes it one of the most pleasant and convenient keyboard incl. The battery life is more than 10 hours of screen operation. You can go to graphics programming on MacBook Air with an 8-core processor, which provides up to 3.5x super-fast performance to help you make projects faster, than ever, and up to 5X faster run graphics apps and games.


  • Durable and solid body
  • Updated Keyboard
  • M1 chip
  • Long lasting battery


  • M1 chip is new and you might feel apps compatiblity

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo

Best for Gaming and multitasking

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

Learn about the latest rogue Zephyrus Duo by ASUS with screen plus it is 14 inches and 15.6 “4K UHD high definition IPS touch screen LED display which has enough to offer to play games, stream on the internet, bring creativity to life. Having two screens on the same laptop feels you are working in a more professional and creative environment. The intelligent thermal cooling system that works with an active pneumatic dynamic system in addition to (AAS) the grizzly thermal liquid composite keeps the laptop cool and is always available for long-lasting activities.

for extreme performance, loaded with the latest Intel Core i9-10980HK processor (10th Gen) the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics processing unit that pulls every activity such as games, programs, or any complex task efficiently. 32GB RAM is set to help you with seamless multitasking. Do not worry about the space on the board because it contains 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. It works with the Windows 10 Professional version of the operating system that maintains the device and integrated programs. For communication, it has Thunderbolt 3, Gig + Wi-Fi 6 with RangeBoost, and Bluetooth 5 that keeps you connected all day long.


  • 4K Touchscreen
  • Dual screen
  • Latest i9 processor for Productive performance


  • Mouse Trackpad is little handy for left hander
  • Expensive

Dell XPS 15

Best laptop for students

Dell XPS 15 | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

Dell is leading among notebook manufacturers. Every year they produce the best of the best laptop with flagship specifications that make them the best choice for those who wants an effective laptop. Dell XPS 15 9500 in no case hesitate to be a good laptop, its high build quality and sturdy chassis give it enough weight to feel like a durable machine. The 10th generation i7 processor provides fast processing of the laptop. Officially works on Windows. Dell has managed to install a very impressive and responsive keyboard and trackpad, what makes the navigation and input breeze on this laptop.

Dell officially claims, that this laptop provides battery life for more than 12 hours, which is more than enough to use for one day on one charge. The presence of a SSD hard drive, and TB gives you a huge amount of storage opportunities. With this combination of i7 processor, SSD and 16GBs DDR4 RAM, download time is fast, and all your programs can open as soon as possible. Built-in Nvidia GTX 1650 TI is able to handle all your graphics tasks and process all coding, which depend heavily on graphics and animations.


  • Bright and colorful UHD+ display
  • Large and comfortable touchpad
  • Quality Speakers
  • Decent battery life


  • Modrate battery life
  • Full featured is a bit expensive

Lenovo ThinkPad P1

Best laptop for professionals

Lenovo ThinkPad P1 | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

Lenovo ThinkPad workstation is known for its lightweight and solid build quality. Also, one thing that they are the most famous of the technology in the world for their super keyboard response. As a programmer, you are going to love the tactile feedback of this laptop. It will make you want to type like your finger as the piston of a F17 racer car. Moreover, this laptop comes with NVIDIA Quadro T1000, perfect GPU to handle all your graphics-intensive compiler code. As you are developing a Web site focus graphics, this dedicated GPU will make the compilers easy and quick.

Equipped with a i7 9th-gen processor and a 32GB DDR4 RAM hefty you are in for a smooth and perfect. performance. An 1TB SSD hard drive will also make sure the boot system is up in no time and all programming tools are loaded in a single tap. Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 is a powerful workstation for a person-to-know programming experience around the text code for the program intensive system and needs. to work on them as smoothly as possible. Anyone invests in a Lenovo ThinkPad workstation will not regret their decision as with the top specifications one may only think of how many of them have. can push their system of potential. Without a doubt, it is the best Lenovo programmable laptop.


  • Slim & Lightweight
  • Decent performance
  • Upgradable
  • Great build quality


  • Gets heated
  • 4K display reduces the battery life

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Windows laptop for window’s programming

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

Who can do windows better than the creator who is Microsoft! With surface series, Microsoft claimed that they could not only excel in software but also hardware. For programmers, Microsoft Surface 3 with a 13.5-inch screen is the best programmable budget laptop. Yes, it’s not very cheap but compared to all other competent options this still has a lower price. Comes with the latest i7 generation processor, making it a very powerful processor capable of handling and assembling complex programs langbass.

Moreover, it also includes Intel Iris Plus graphics for its needs from the graphics processing unit. This graphics processing unit is not as powerful as NVIDIA Quadro T1000 but it is still able to perform some dense graphics tasks web development codes easily. In other languages such as C ++, Java, it is very easy to assemble HTML on this device that works with i7, and the solid-state drive 512GB gives him that extra Need for Speed and helps to download files quickly. Boot time is minimal and all code tools are available immediately. Microsoft’s great vanilla experience to use for programming will be satisfied with the performance provided by Microsoft Surface 3


  • Comfortable touchpad and keyboard
  • Rich display quality
  • Nice camera quality
  • Long lasting battery


  • High priced
  • No fingerprint scanner

Apple MacBook Pro

Best macbook pro for students

Apple MacBook Pro scaled | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

MacBook Pro of Apple is made for pro. It features Apple’s magic keyboards that come with scissors mechanism technology that makes the keyboard very responsive. The most responsive keyboard will be more efficient will be for programmers. MacBook Apple also works on OSX you can access almost any programming language you need to code to. If you find any problems with OSX you can dual boot in Windows operating system at any time on MacBook Pro without any problem m.

Apple Retina Display also makes the screen very enjoyable to display, the bright colors and the production of sharp images make the script seems more appropriate to help the programmer understand it easily. Also, its processing power consists of a 10th gen i5 processor and 8GB RAM which is a standard for the programmer which needs the code of any program. The graphics processing unit used in this laptop is Intel Iris Plus graphics that can handle simple dense tasks graphics but will suffer in performance if dense graphic coding is processed through it.


  • Colorful display
  • Decent config options
  • Powerful processor
  • Decent battery size


  • High priced
  • Lack of ports
  • Still comes with Butterfly keyboard


Best hp laptop for multitasking

HP ENVY 13 | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

HP never hesitate to demonstrate some serious good technologies and HP Envy 13 is no exception. With her 8th generation, intel i7 processor with 16 GB RAM this package makes it one of the best laptops for programming and coding. You can run any programming language from C ++ to Python. This smooth machine withstands the test of time and continues to process these programming codes with ease.

Thanks to the 13,99 inch 4K display to make everything rich in colors with crystal clear output. It also has Nvidia GeForce mx250 with 2 GB graphic Ram, which is good enough for processing graphic focused programming. Good build quality also makes user experience good for professional programmer.


  • 4K Touchscreen
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Productive performance


  • Small Trackpad
  • No full size SDcard slot

Huawei Matebook 13 Signature Edition

Best for portability and performance

Huawei Matebook 13 Signature Edition | 10 Best Laptop for Programmers 2022

Huawei develops the game. With MateBook 13 Signature Edition, Huawei provides a laptop with a beautiful design that is light and easy to move. With 13 inches 2K screen, all your coding will be noticeably clear, and there will be no stress in your eyes. Its screen is also sensitive to touch, which makes it easier to use. It is equipped with 8th-gen 15 processors, which are accompanied by 8gbs of Ram. This combination gives the laptop enough processing power to compile and encode your program. Intel processors are very efficient and can easily perform tasks such as computer coding. You will not encounter any problems with the coding on this smooth machine.

it also comes complete with Intel HD 620 graphics. This graphics processor is not so powerful to work with graphics, intensive Web development, and games, but still can do some basic graphics including tasks and codes. It uses a 256 GB SSD hard drive that also enhances the speed and performance of these laptop download programs. Keyboards and touchpad in this laptop are quite responsive, making it perfect for any new programmer. It runs on the Windows operating system.


  • Solid quality and design
  • Excellent value
  • Rich color display
  • Decent Battery life


  • Lacking in ports and Thunderbolt 3
  • No 4K display

The Final Verdict – Why and which is the best laptop you should buy for Programming?

Choosing and buying a laptop is in itself a stress solution. Anyone who ever goes into the market knows how rich it has become. There are new offers every year with more and more improved specifications. If you read this review, we hope we helped you understand, that laptops are good for programmers and if you don’t like laptops shown here, you should develop knowledge of what specification you should look for for a future laptop, just make sure, what you decide, What are your needs and what are your preferences when buying a laptop and you will be well forward.


frequently asked questions

1. What laptop do programmers use?

Most programmers who start do not usually have the top of the flagship laptop line to work as students. One usually does not have an excellent budget to pay an excellent budget, so they usually go for a central laptop.

Ranged or refurbished with some outdated details, unless you have rich parents who can get you running your dream laptop can. Made on the laptop with Intel Core Duo 2,4 GBs of RAM Processor, and 64 or 128 GB hard disk, but the processing speed is slow and the code may take hours in processing and running screen may be smaller than 13 inches, showing code in small letters and keyboard may not provide.

Pleasant touch feedback. it’s uncomfortable for programmers to use laptops but when you’re on that budget. You have to work with what you have.

when a programmer is going to and start getting a good amount, they should manage to build a budget that can reach them. good quality laptop. Good may feel uncomfortable at first, but in the long run, fast processing speed, a good screen to see., and a good battery will increase the programmer’s work skills and make one product more than they ever were.

2. Do you need a good laptop for coding?

Coding will be done effectively on computer with fast processing speed, tactile and convenient keyboard, and good quality screen for viewing. Your laptop is the main machine on which you can develop your programs, if you don’t have a good laptop p C.A, means your coding will be done more effectively. An effective operation system helps you work faster, easy to make changes to your program, and full development more and more programs rapidly.

A programmer want to write code and process it as quickly as possible, because it takes time to think and write the correct code. It also can be a long process, and the programmer can have to look at the screen for longer time, so, if they have a large enough screen to look at it comfortably, it will improve their work experience.

It is possible to make coding on a less powerful processor, but large storage is required to store a large number of relevant data in the recorded program. So a good laptop is needed for efficient coding, but if you have a budget, you, it may be necessary to continue coding on a low-speed computer.

3. What specs do I need for programming?

If you ask this question for yourself and want an answer, you have come to the right place. Most programmers can be made by having a powerful processor, a good number of RAM, and a fast drive read like an SSD. But if you focus on programming graphics such as web development and gaming then you also have to search for a dedicated graphics processor too. Let’s discuss some important specifications in the following details:

  • Processing speed:

The processing speed depends on your efficiency of the modern CPU with most cores will perform and run your code in no time. The best CPU to see is Intel i5 and i7 processors.

  • RAM:

Ram is responsible for downloading all your tasks and keeping them working smoothly with no problem. Large amounts of RAM help programming to write long code without accident and inferences, making the process easy for them. (Recommended: 16 GBs of DDR4 RAM).

  • Hard drive:

A hard drive stores all data and files that are used by a programmer to write software. SSD (solid-state drive) reads through stored files much faster than hard drives that carry your programming tools faster and increases coding speed, make the operation more efficient. (Recommended: 512 GBs of SDD hard drive)

  • Keyboard and Screen:

The keyboard and screen enhance the entire experience of programming. Programmers want responsive and touch keyboards so they can print the order quickly. one should buy a laptop with NumPad only on the screen of the laptop also. must be big enough to type all the codes, it is easy to read and not put stress in your eyes.(Recommended: 13 inch screen + 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution or higher)

  • Battery:

you don’t need to need an electric socket every hour or two to juice up your laptop. Your programming is a hard-working system, so the laptop must have a reliable and long battery life so you can work. It’s easy. (Recommended: the battery should give the screen 10 hours).

  • Graphic Processing:

if you aspire to do a coding program related to web development, intensive graphics, and game development. Be sure to have a laptop with a good GPU (graphics processor)., this makes sure loading all those graphics easily and does not put extra pressure on the CPU. Only (Nvidia or AMD GPU with at least 4gbs of Ram graphics).

4. Which processor is best for programming?

Or are you looking for the best laptop for programming or the best laptop to play games, you should know that the CPU is the most important part to run a smooth computer. To have an effective working system of your programming tool with no trouble you should always choose the latest generation of processors because of them. There are most cores And that topic can handle tasks with much ease.

processors built by Intel and AMD are widely reliable due to their excellent quality of construction and their spectrum. Compatibility with the system Operating like Windows and Apple OS.

if you are interested in buying a laptop with Intel of the processor you should go for an i5 or i7 processor that is 8th and over the generation. The previous generation of processors will work well, but their performance maybe not as good as newer versions of the AMD processor? Go for Ryzen 5 5600x or Ryzen 9 5950x. There are also some other variants available in lines and they are good for programming and also for gaming. At the end of the day, you have to choose that the package is right with your needs and frames.

5. Which laptop is best for Python programming?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can understand English, making it easier for programmers to give orders and write code in a way much faster. Python is used for web development, video game development, mobile programming, drivers, and much more. Python can be used to write programs ranging from very simple levels to the most complex symbols ever written, making it very versatile. Therefore, if you want to buy a laptop that can handle python very well, we will recommend getting a laptop with excellent processing performance, a good quantity of SSD hard drive, memory Adequate random access, impressive building quality y.

for Programming Python, we recommend buying Dell XPS 15 9500. It is the best laptop for web development, computer programming, and has the ability to run any powerful game you like to play. It is certainly not the best budget laptop for programming but taking into account that it includes an impressive 10th-gen i7 processor, UHD + 4K 15.6-inch screen, and NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti built-in with 4GBs of access memory random graphic, the money you spend on it will give you satisfaction.

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