Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy

Razer’s return policy and refund policy are very strict. If you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico and want to return your product for any reason (except if it is defective), you must contact Customer Support within 14 days of receiving your order.

You also need to include the original packing slip that came with your order when returning an item. Once Razer receives your returned item, they will ship out a new one as soon as possible.

This process may take up to 10 business days from when Razer received the returned product back into their warehouse.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, some services on Razer have been affected. This includes warranty repair and replacement. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Razer’s return and refund policies are different depending on where you bought your Razer equipment. If you buy it from a store, then the return and refund policy is like any other store. If you buy it online, then the return and refund policy is different.

Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy

Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy If you purchased your products from Razer.com:

  • You have 14 days to return your item after it has been received.
  • The product must be returned in the same condition and packaging as it was sent to you.
  • All promotional and bundling items that come with the purchase should be sent back.
  • Refunds that do not fulfill the qualification criteria may result in refund delays or the product(s) being returned to you.

View the policy for RESPAWN and related products Below this Article.

More Return Terms and Conditions:

  • After you fill out the return, go to the Razer website and click on “For a Return.” Then click on “RMA” under the drop-down menu. Next, fill out an RMA request form. Then take a photo of your purchase receipt or other proof of purchase with the RMA number visible.
  • The RMA number must be printed on the outside of the returned item’s packaging.
  • When the product has been sent to Razer, the box has been opened, and the contents verified, it will be considered a return.
  • You must select a trackable shipping method.
  • Razer is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during transit.
  • A refund will be given for the amount paid for the returned product, excluding any shipping costs when the item was purchased.
  • If the product is not working, if it doesn’t look like what you ordered, or if it causes another problem, Razer will refund you. Razer might refuse your return if they don’t want to do it.

Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy If you purchased your products from one of Razer Retail Stores:

RazerStore San Francisco / RazerStore Las Vegas

  • The product must be returned within 14 days after the purchase date, and buyers should pay for return shipping costs.
  • The goods must be returned in their original state and packed.
  • The product must be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase.
  • There is a 15% restocking fee deducted from the return value of systems and cellphones.
  • Refunds or exchanges are only available at the location where you bought the goods.
  • If the product is returned within 14 days of purchase, a refund or replacement may be obtained.

RazerStore London

  • The consumer must return the product within 28 days after making the purchase.
  • The item must be returned in its original state and packing.
  • A receipt for the product must be provided when it is shipped.
  • Once the system has been opened, it is excluded from the 28-day warranty policy.
  1. All goods should be viewed and double-checked before leaving the shop.
  2. Razer provides a complete refund if the system is returned unopened and in its original packaging within 28 days of purchase.
  • Exchanges and refunds are only available at the store where the item was purchased.
  • Refunds or exchanges are offered if the item is returned within 28 days of purchase, as long as it is in its original packaging and unused.

*Special Note for Global Blue Purchases

  • All goods should be inspected and double-checked by the buyer before leaving the store.
  • After a product leaves a store, it may no longer be returned to the store.
  • If your product isn’t as advertised, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

RazerStore Hong Kong / RazerStore Taipei

  • All goods should be examined and verified by the buyer before leaving the store.
  • The customer may not return a product to the store once it departs from it.
  • Please contact Customer Support if your product isn’t functioning as expected.

Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy If you purchased a Razer product from one of the authorized resellers:

  • You may get in touch with the shop that sold you the goods to inquire about their returns and refunds policy.


  • If you have a Razer product and believe it isn’t working properly, you may reach out to Customer Service for assistance.

RESPAWN - Specific Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy

RESPAWN – Specific Razer Return Policy and Refund Policy

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy Respawn as much as we do, but we acknowledge that everyone has their favorite consumables.

Razer is unable to accept returns or open drink mixes that have been used with Shaker Cups unless specifically authorized below.

Requirements for Respawn Product Refunds:

  • Razer’s goods must be purchased directly from the company.
  • As proof of purchase, we’ll want your Razer Order Number.
  • If the product(s) involved are unopened, unused, and returned in their original packaging, they will be accepted.
  • Razer Support may request photos of any unopened items you have.
  • The items must be shipped using a traceable and insured courier service.
  • You must notify us if you change your mind about any of the items on your order within 14 days after the last item has been delivered.
  • Refunds will be made using the original type of payment that was utilized.

If you want to return a product, send it back to Razer within 45 days of getting the item. You will get a refund for what you paid for the product minus any shipping and handling costs. Razer does not take responsibility for products that are lost or damaged in transit.

If the conditions stated here are not fulfilled, Razer has the option to return your order on terms that it sees fit.

Please contact the Razer Support team to begin a return with a Return Merchandise Authorization Number.

Damaged or Incorrect Orders:

Please contact the Razer Support team within 14 days of the delivery date if your order is damaged during shipment, or if you receive the incorrect item(s). Please have ready to provide the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Date of Order
  • Item(s) Ordered
  • Item(s) Received
  • Pictures of the damaged boxes, or incorrect products

Razer’s dedicated assistance team will evaluate the details you supplied and contact you by email with a solution.

Shaker Cups – The Shaker Cup is covered by our warranty for one year from the date of retail purchase, regardless of whether the item has been opened or used (subject to the terms, requirements to show proof of purchase, exclusions, and limitations set forth herein and at Razer warranty).

Razer will examine the information you supplied and may replace your Shaker Cup with a similar model or provide an alternative form of replacement if it is damaged during shipment or delivery.

If you live in the United States and were advised to return your Respawn Products, send them to the following address:

Bender Whse #05

205 Parr Blvd

Reno Nevada 89512

This information is about the return policies for Razer laptops. This information was collected on October 24, 2021. If they change their return policy after this date then we do not take responsibility for your problem. Please check this date before you buy a Razer laptop because you will want to know what their return policy is.

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