How to Extend the battery life of a Samsung Notebook and Battery Calibration?

If you are looking for ways to extend the battery life of a Samsung Notebook, there are a few things that can be done. One way is to turn on airplane mode when not using the internet. Another option is to change the screen brightness settings, which will also decrease power consumption.

You might also consider calibrating your battery with an app like Battery Calibration if you haven’t already done so recently. These tips should help get more out of your Samsung Notebook’s battery!

Keep Your Samsung Notebook Battery Going with Battery Life Plus

Samsung has a new battery that lasts a long time. It will last over 1,500 times and can be charged back up. This is more than three times the time of a battery that usually lasts 300 cycles and three years.

Inside a battery, when the cells reach or approach their capacity, this is where most damage occurs. When a battery’s cells are at 100% charge, they get hot around the neck.

The delicate structures within begin to degrade as a result of the heat and this reduces the battery’s capacity and ability to hold a charge.

This is a result of overcharging, which causes stress on the battery and results in accelerated aging. Battery Life Plus protects you from this by conditioning your battery properly, thanks to a combination of methods that prevent such damage to the delicate electronic components within.

Samsung Notebook Smart Charging

The Battery Life Plus has a feature called “Smart Charging.” You can find it in the Samsung folder. When you open it, you will see two choices: Normal and Smart Charging. In Normal, your battery can charge up to 100% but in Smart Charging, charging is restricted to 70%.

Its temperature is also displayed, so you can keep an eye on it. The battery is charged with delta-V charging to prevent overcharging and overheating, which protects it from being damaged.

As a result, the battery lasts for years. And of course, you have complete control over whether or not this feature is activated at any time. If you discover that a long flight requires more power than the setting allows.

Simply charge your phone while connected to a USB wall charger or another similar device (battery packs are not recommended) and then unplug when fully charged.

Samsung Notebook The Green Connection

Keeping your battery in good working order is important. It saves you money and it also helps the environment by minimizing the number of batteries that end up in landfills and the number of new batteries required to replace them.

Batteries are important. If they stop working, your laptop will stop working. This is bad because you can’t do anything without a laptop! It’s good to make sure that it has a long battery life so you can do things on it for a long time.

There are some things you can do to make this happen which I will tell you about in this sentence. These are:

  • When your laptop is not being used, change the power plan to “Power Saver.” This will save energy.
  • Turn the screen brightness to the lowest setting that is still comfortable for you.
  • Close the programs you are not using.
  • When you are not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, turn it off.
  • Unplug any of your devices that are not in use. If you plug something into a USB, it uses electricity.

How do I calibrate my Samsung Notebook’s battery?

Step 1:

Remove the power cable from the socket. Disconnect any cables or components that are connected to it. Save any programs and close any open applications on your device before you turn it off.

Step 2:

Disconnect the AC Adapter when the power is off. You will not be able to turn on and use Smart Battery Calibration if you leave it connected to the AC Adapter.

Step 3:

To load the BIOS, press the POWER ON button on the laptop and constantly tap the F2 key.

Step 4:

Use the arrow keys to pick the BOOT option.

Step 5:

To use the battery, press down on BOOT. Then choose Smart Battery Calibration. Press Enter to go to that option.

Step 6:

Select the Mode tab on the Configuration menu, then scroll down to Battery Calibration. Highlight ‘Yes’ in the Battery Calibration Confirmation window and hit Enter. to Extend the battery life of a Samsung Notebook and Battery Calibration?

Step 7:

The battery calibration starts when you turn on Smart Battery Calibration. The battery will be completely drained throughout the process. You will be able to see the percentage of power going down until it hits zero, and then your device will shut off. to Extend the battery life of a Samsung Notebook and Battery Calibration?

Step 8:

When the battery is completely drained, plug it in to charge. The battery will not work if it’s dead.


Knowing how to extend the battery life of a Samsung Notebook and calibrating your battery is important. You can do this by following these steps or reaching out to us for help with any questions you have! We’re here for you, so don’t hesitate. Let’s get started now. Follow these steps below on how to extend the battery life of a Samsung Notebook without breaking it down completely from usage: -Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use; -Use power-saving mode as much as possible; -Shutdown applications that are running in the background if they aren’t being used at all times (such as Chrome, Spotify, YouTube); -Decrease screen brightness and turn off auto-bright

Reference: Samsung

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