HP Envy 13 – The Laptop You’ll Fall In Love With

The HP Envy 13 is a laptop to consider if you want something that looks nice and does not cost too much.

The HP Envy is like the MacBook Air. It is not cheap and it isn’t top-end, but it’s a good computer to use every day. And the price is lower than that of a MacBook Air.

This computer has no major problems. One thing that is different from the last generation of computers, is that the touchpad on this one is plastic instead of glass.

HP may have chosen to use plastic to make the Envy less expensive. They know that some people want the more expensive Spectre series. Or, HP may not want to spend money on making the Envy better than it is.

Price and Availability

I am looking at the HP Envy 13 laptop. It has an Intel 11th generation processor. If you see that, then we are talking about the same laptop.

The HP Envy 13 with a Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and an Nvidia MX450 GPU is the most affordable member of the Envy family. The £899/$899/€999 HP Envy 13 comes with a Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and an Nvidia MX450 GPU. The 256GB SSD adds to the good value proposition.

There’s also the Envy 13 with a Core i7 CPU, 1TB storage, and 16GB RAM for £1199. While this is a reasonable upgrade, paying £1200 for a plastic touchpad laptop doesn’t sit well.

HP Envy 13

HP Envy 13 Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and refined design
  • All-day battery life
  • Strong performance


  • Noisy fan
  • Screen glare
  • Speakers on the bottom

HP Envy 13 Key Specs

  • Screen Size. 13.3 inches.
  • Screen Resolution. 3840 x 2160 (4K)
  • Touch Screen. Yes.
  • Processor Model. Intel 10th Generation Core i7.
  • Processor Model Number. i7-1065G7.
  • Processor Speed (Base) 1.6 gigahertz.
  • Storage Type. SSD.
  • Total Storage Capacity. 512 gigabytes.

HP Envy 13 Performance

  • The Intel i5 CPU is ideal for simple productivity activities.
  • The entry-level gaming performance of the Nvidia GPU is notable.

The HP Envy 13 is not the best performer on the market, but it is one of the most affordable and still does what you need. It includes an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and a high-capacity 512GB solid-state drive.

The Core i5 CPU in the HP x2 10 is slower than the Core i7 in the Dell XPS 13 and also slower than a Ryzen 7. It won’t make a big difference for basic productivity activities, but it might be different for other things.

The Envy 13 is a laptop that has an Nvidia MX450 graphics chip. It is the cheapest laptop HP makes. It is good for people who do not know anything about technology.

Let’s look at two different computers in this comparison. The Intel Xe is the main processor that is more powerful than what you would find in most laptops from previous eras. In 3DMark Time Spy, the Nvidia MX450 outscores the Intel Xe by 66%.

The Witcher 3 is a game. You can see how well your computer can run it. Your graphics settings are Medium at 1080p, which means the game runs smoothly. If you have graphics set to ‘High’, you can change them to even higher settings if your computer doesn’t freeze or slow down too much.

Here, a laptop does a better job than the PS4. It is also great for gaming because it has a GTX 1050 card. This card is like the classic entry-level Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU which can be used for gaming too.

HP Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 is a laptop that does not make a lot of noise when it works. The noise depends on what you are doing with the laptop.

If you have more than one window open, then it might make more sound. But if you only have one window open, then the noise will be quieter, and sometimes there will be no noise at all.

The HP Envy 13 is not very loud when it is heavy. But, if you turn on the fans, they will go a lot more often. This laptop has a battery that lasts a long time and because of this, it does not get hot and so the fans do not need to work as much.

The Crucial M550 has an mSATA connection. This is the same as a SATA connection but smaller. The reading and writing speeds are very high, up to 1708MB/s and 967MB/s respectively. There are many other SSD that can read and write faster, but this does well considering it’s not the fastest one out there.


  • In our standard testing, the battery lasted for 12 hours.
  • AMD and Apple chips provide better battery efficiency

The HP Envy 13 has a 51Wh battery that is the same size as the Dell XPS 13.

The HP Envy x2 15z has a built-in battery that runs out in less than 11 hours when streaming video. According to HP, the device has a 10-hour battery life and can stream video for 16 hours 45 minutes.

I found that when watching videos on YouTube, it lasts 12 hours and 15 minutes. This might be because they are using different screen brightness (150cd/m) than us (150cd/m).

HP Envy 13

Nevertheless, if you don’t put the HP Envy 13 through too much work, it implies that a general 10-hour duration is possible.

This is what I’d describe as normal laptop endurance. The Lenovo Yoga 7Slim, with its bigger battery and AMD Ryzen CPU, or the MacBook Air may give greater results.

Under heavy strain, MacBooks last longer than other computers because of their Apple M1 CPUs. The HP Envy 13 lasts only three hours under heavy usage, which is less than for a MacBook.

I would be happy to use the HP Envy 13 as my workstation if it was not for how long it lasts under heavy usage.


  • The HP Envy 13 has a resolution of 1080p.
  • For everyday use, the display is bright enough to be used outside.
  • Excellent contrast, but color accuracy isn’t perfect.

The HP Envy 13 might not be the cheapest laptop, but it is still a good one. You can tell from looking at its screen if it’s worth buying.

This is a standard 13.3-inch 1080p screen on a laptop. The most appealing display would be 4K, but it would have a big impact on the battery life so most people don’t want that.

But the MacBook Air has a resolution of 1600p which is good for everyone and not too hard on the battery life.

The Envy 13 is a good color laptop. It has the right amount of colors. There are many different colors. It can show many colors, but not as much as other computers because it only shows 79% DCI P3 and 74% Adobe RGB.

This means that the color accuracy is at least as good, if not better than sRGB. While sRGB has long been the standard for laptops, the more accurate DCI P3 is becoming increasingly common among high-end phones, computers, and tablets. Its colors are more vivid and punchy than those in sRGB.

HP Envy 13

You will pay more for a computer that has a wide range of colors. The MacBook Air does not have this. I am very happy with the color coverage on the Envy 13 and it is helped by the strong contrast, which is 1675:1.

The HP Envy 13 is perfect for outdoor use and has a maximum brightness of 423 nits. I was sitting in the park with my legs folded and wrote this part of the review there.

My body pins and needles hurt, but I could see what I wrote on the laptop’s screen which has a glossy surface.

The HP Envy has a glass-topped touchscreen. This means it must have a gleaming finish.


  • The aluminum construction has a premium and robust appearance.
  • It is light enough to carry, weighing only 1.3kg.
  • The keyboard is nice, but the trackpad is made of plastic.

The HP Envy 13 is a laptop that you can use to do work. It does not have a 360-degree hinge like the HP Envy x360. It does not have the same design as the Spectre series.

If you want a laptop for work, I don’t think you will miss either. The HP Envy 13 is still an attractive laptop.

The HP 15-ay011NR is a laptop with a silver aluminum cover. It looks better than some other laptops that have magnesium covers.

Magnesium reduces the weight of the laptop, but I am not sure it is always worth it because you lose some of the metallic look and feel.

HP Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 is not too heavy. You can carry it around. It will not take up a lot of space because the display is wide and the boundaries are small.

When you sit down to work at a laptop like the HP Envy 13, it has good quality. It is made of aluminum and doesn’t bend under pressure. The screen is also strong and doesn’t break when you put your finger on it.

I am not in the computer industry, but you would be able to tell me this was HP’s top-end laptop design if I were. It is not overly exciting, but it is not ugly either.

This laptop is better than a Macbook. It has two full-size USB ports, a MicroSD slot, and one USB-C port. This is not a Thunderbolt connection; instead, it is slow with 10Gbps bandwidth.

But the laptop does support DisplayPort 1.4 connections and can connect to 4K screens or two 4K monitors at 60Hz.

HP Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 has a keyboard and a touchpad that look the same as those on the other HP Envy 13. The keys are more angular but they are still around.

This keyboard has a lot of key travel, which means that when you press the key, it moves down. There is also moderate resistance. When you type on this keyboard, the feedback given to your fingers is really good.

This is the keyboard I like for an ultra-portable laptop. It can be used to type a lot of letters without being uncomfortable.

The HP Envy 13 may be more expensive, but it has a better keyboard than other laptops that are less expensive.

The keyboard has a light on it that is white. It helps you see in the dark. There is a hidden fingerprint reader.

HP Envy 13

The HP Touchpad isn’t a sell-out. HP had to make do with the small size of the laptop because it is so small, and they made it wider as a sort of consolation.

This is a computer that is made from plastic. This type of computer might be used as a second one. It has a shape and size that are good for this kind of computer, but it doesn’t have the smooth surface which you would expect from a glass laptop.

I don’t like that there is no mouse. It makes it hard to do things, even if the mouse isn’t connected. One thing I would change about this laptop would be to have a mouse.

HP Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 has two speakers. They are not the best speakers, but they are good. The stereo is good and the sound doesn’t seem too thin. But there isn’t much bass.

Although these speakers are not as loud as other speakers, they do have a little warmth to them.


The HP Envy 13 is less expensive than other laptops. But it does not have bad quality. It has an effective performance.

This laptop is not like most other laptops with things like a glass trackpad, high-resolution display, and convertible design. But it still has good features that are worth having.

The laptop has a discrete Nvidia GPU, which is more powerful than integrated graphics on most ultrabook laptops. If you have time, you can play video games like Fortnite during your lunch break.

There are only two minor downsides with the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7. The first is that it has a better CPU performance and battery life at a similar price. The second is that HP has an edge when it comes to graphics power.

Should you buy it?

You should buy if you want some high-end style at under $1000:

This HP laptop costs $899. That is not cheap, but it is less than what you would have to pay for a Dell or MacBook, by a lot.

You shouldn’t buy if you want premium features:

This laptop has a low screen resolution, and it can’t be folded up like a tablet. But it does meet the bare essentials of an ultrabook well and doesn’t have any frills.

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