How do you identify the type of your laptop? Guide 2022

Identify the type of your laptop: If you don’t know what the make of a laptop is and how to check the laptop model year. Then this is a guide on how to find out what kind of laptop you have?. It’s effortless and free, okay, let’s go ahead and get started here.

There are a few ways and I will guide you about each step.

Identify the type of your laptop: First way

so first go down to your Start menu right click go up and left-click on the system

And that’ll bring up an information window where you’ll be able to see information about your PCs. Has been monitoring your virus and threat protection firewall information.

And so forth and then down here you’ll see under device specifications. You’ll see the name of your computer your processor as well as your processor speed. The amount of RAM that you presently have installed.

Your device ID product ID your system type and pin and touch. Whatever if you had something going on there. And then when there’s specification what version of Windows you’re running. As well as the date that you installed Windows on your computer.

The second way (how to find out what kind of laptop you have)

Okay, also, there’s another way to get some additional information. And that is on this same page go up and click right over here system info left click on that.

Then they’ll give you some additional information. Some of it is repetitive from the information page that you just saw; however, it is still pertinent information. It also will give you the workgroup name.

In this case, it’s called a workgroup. unless your computer was named a different workgroup name. It will also tell you that Windows is activated. Which is essential information that sometimes you want to know if your Windows 10 installation is genuine and active.

The third way (how to find out what kind of laptop you have)

All right, there’s another way to get some additional information that’s free and built into Windows 10. We can do that by going down to the search bar here.

Or if you don’t have the search bar for whatever reason you can right-click on the Start menu and when you do go up and click on the run. And you can put this then from type this word in right on this command prompt here or the search bar.

That would be DX I’m a paste it in, by the way, DX diag DX doc and then go ahead and hit the enter key, and once you do, you’ll get this information page here the Direct X Diagnostic tool and you’ll get five tabs.

The system, display, sound 1, sound 2

The first one is the system. The second one is display sound, and one sound two an input. On the first page, you’ll get a lot of excellent information precisely information that you didn’t see in the previous ways of looking at the info on your computer.

On this one you’ll see the system manufacturer and the model number of your computer, in this case, this is an Acer Aspire a five one five – five one, and it will also tell me the bias version number. In this case, it’s V 1.21. It tells me also the page file and tells me what direct X version.

I’m presently running on my graphics here, so that’s some excellent information. Also, if we go ahead and click on the next page. It moves to the next tab. which is the display tab.

And gives me a lot of useful information about my graphics card. That I am running, and as you can see. It gives me the ability to determine how much memory it’s using and the current display mode.

That are just a few things that it tells me. And over on the right-hand side, it gives me the main driver the ver number the date of the driver.

And so forth. I can scroll over here and get the rest of that information. If I choose to also, we can go to a sound one. And gives me information on my speaker’s USB audio device.

Which I’m presently using. I have a headset plugged in, and it tells me the drivers that have been utilized. For that and if I go to sound too. It’ll give me the information about the built-in speakers for this laptop computer.

And of course, as everybody knows about laptop speakers. And not the best and if you don’t have a headset. You can use them in a pinch. And also it gives me the driver information for the sound card that’s built into the computer as well.


Then the last one is input information device names such as mouse keyboard and so forth excellent information. To make use of so at any given time. If you like to you can always click on save all info if you like.

That way is easily accessible at any given time, all right. I’m going to go ahead and exit. Hopefully, now it’s easy for you to find how to find out what kind of laptop you have?.

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