How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last? Guide 2022

Gaming laptops are a difficult topic to tackle. They’re far more expensive than their PC counterparts. If you want mobility but don’t need the same level of performance, they’re the only option.

And if you already own a laptop for other activities. Then buying a gaming laptop may appear to be a smart investment, whether it’s worth it or not is up to you.

Now we’re not here to persuade you that laptops are better than gaming PCs. They may be used instead of gaming PCs in some situations. So, shop according to your demands and let others do the same rather than focusing on four aspects hardware maintenance, cooling, and software.

Today’s topic is simply how long you can expect your gaming laptop to last. How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last? To answer this question, we must consider four factors: hardware maintenance, cooling, and software.

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?

The Hardware

The hardest part is the software. Unlike console games, PC game hardware is designed to function at its best on any specific kind of PC hardware. Full-sized or not, it makes no difference.

This is because the console hardware is standardized, while PC hardware is extremely diverse. As they arrive, one of the PC’s greatest assets is that it provides complete customization and improvement possibilities.

Laptops, on the other hand, do not receive this treatment. As a result, you can’t easily replace the stock CPU or GPU in a laptop.

It implies that you must be extremely cautious if you’re planning to buy a more powerful one. For now, let’s stick with specs until we get more precise.

A properly maintained laptop may last you up to ten years depending on how well it is cared for. Because the hardware in it will most certainly become outdated far sooner than that, let’s go deeper.


The CPU is not required for gaming on a laptop. If you wanted to bear its weight, though, you wouldn’t want to cut corners right now. If you want to play new triple-A games, you’ll need at least one of the newer I5 or i7 CPUs.

AMD has made significant progress in the laptop industry, especially concerning application usage. The excellent Vega integrated graphics chips were utilized in this case. However good as they are, we still suggest purchasing a model with a dedicated graphics card for optimum performance.

When constructing a desktop PC, you must now consider motherboard compatibility and bottlenecking. However, because you are not personally selecting each component for a laptop, this will never be an issue.

So simply choose the GPU you want and that is all there is to it. Nonetheless, you’ll frequently be presented with a variety of different laptops utilizing the same GPU. So keep in mind that buying a better CPU will pay off handsomely when you’re older.

GPU (How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?)

As for the GPU, there you have it. The first thing you should do is check out how well the GPU performs in specific games. That’s as old as they come, and how it fares compared to other models.

It’s a fantastic place to start when looking at how well that GPU performs in general. It also provides an excellent overall picture of what the GPU pecking order is.

It’s also worth noting that this GPU handles some particular games quite well. However, the ones you want to play and those that are recognized for being extremely demanding.

The best approach to figuring out which card is the winner is simply to Google its guru 3D Tom’s hardware. And, as previously said, TechSpot is just one of the many reputable sites you’ll discover.

This information, regardless of where you go. It will be required to supply all of the following exact FPS measurements. The benchmark was carried out on a PC and configured following the demanded parameters.

For example, if we wanted to find out how a laptop equipped with the GTX 1050 would perform when Deus ex Mankind Divided is released, we’d come across it quickly enough.

The full HD test is performed with high-quality settings. The game and GPU were both launched in 2016, so the preset would produce an average FPS of 30.

So, how long can you expect the GPU to keep this framerate up at this setting? Because some games are more intensive than others, this isn’t a precise science. However, as a rule of thumb, you should not have to modify any settings for the next two years’ games.

To keep this frame rate, you’ll have to decrease the quality setting gradually. In general, a laptop GPU will last approximately five years. It becomes obsolete sooner than that.

The more powerful GPUs such as the 1070 and even the GTX 1060 Care are more likely to die of old age. Then become outdated, but even then you’ll see the quality setting drop. It may also reveal munch marks on certain laptops on YouTube over time.


The RAM is the last hardware component to consider, and it’s also where things get interesting. So, if you want a more in-depth look, keep an eye on that.

But the bottom line is that eight gigabytes are still the best bargain for gaming performance. But sixteen gigabytes isn’t unreasonably large either.

Anything less than eight GBs Is insufficient and will cause stuttering problems; with sufficient RAM (as long as you add more), however, these issues are far easier to address.


Every computer needs maintenance regularly to survive long. And, as with all computers, function correctly and laptops are no exception. Well, just like you would a desktop PC, open up your laptop.

You can also easily remove the dust from each component by cleaning it separately, but don’t believe you can’t easily remove the dust. All you’ll need is a can of compressed air, so turn off your laptop and wait for it to cool first.

Now, let’s just hold the laptop on its side and bring the can close to the intake grilles. On the bottom, then blow away and watch the dust shoot out, tilt and angle the laptop a bit is better. As you do this you may remove more dust.

However, if the laptop is positioned horizontally, it must be placed on its side while performing this maneuver.

Then you’ll have to hold the can horizontally, which is a significant red flag that you must always keep a can upright. So that no liquid air may escape as this can harm the hardware, go through this procedure again and again until no more dust comes out of the laptop.

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last in 2020


The cooling in a laptop is not something with which you can significantly improve the airflow. Nonetheless, this is why you should take some precautions.

You may also avoid placing the laptop on your lap, on your bed, or on any soft surface to prevent doing so. Of course, it will obstruct the intake grilles on the bottom and impede airflow.

Gaming laptops are equipped with strong hardware crammed into a tiny space. You may also consider using a cooling pad. A superb cooling pad can help.

It’s very important to purchase a good air circulation device if you want your laptop’s air circulation to be effective. If you’re going all out with the hardware. We’ve created a comprehensive video on how to keep your laptop cool.


Laptops can run all of the same operating systems as desktop PCs. We’ve discussed this before: desktop PCs have all of the same advantages and drawbacks. On this channel, we’ll just skip through the formalities.

And conclude by stating that if you want to play games in the smoothest way possible, Windows is your best bet. It used to be a major issue that people would buy a decent laptop because they thought they’d need it for gaming.

To have a new version of Windows appear out of nowhere is just the beginning. To summarize, laptops that can’t run Windows 10 are a thing of the past.

This is no longer an issue since Microsoft has switched to discovering Windows 10 online. Instead of releasing new versions every two or three years, this problem isn’t as pressing.

What this implies is that gaming laptops are more appealing than ever before. Now, unlike in the past, this isn’t to suggest that we won’t receive another version of Windows. We will not see another release from Microsoft until at least 2023 (if not 2025).

However, as already stated, it is unlikely to be named Windows 11. They may very well skip a few. Numbers could go up to Windows 12 or 13; who knows when this will end?

You can always go over to Linux if you want to make the change. It has been established that it performs far better on old hardware than Windows does.


So, in conclusion, How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last? If you do regular maintenance and use a cooling pack to assist it out a little. You can easily expect your laptop to reach ten years old if you take care of it properly.

However, most laptops will become outdated after five years after the release of their GPU again regarding gaming. This is a typical rule of thumb, but it is quite effective.

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