How to extend the life of your laptop in 2022

A laptop that’s slower than your grandmother walking backward is annoying. Sadly, in most cases, this is inevitable.

The following 4 tips will help prevent angry outbursts and unnecessary damage to your laptop. When your laptop is happy, you’re happy as well. 😉

Tip 1: Everything for a quick start

Most of the time, when you turn on your laptop, many programs, like Spotify or Skype, start automatically.

No matter how much fun you might find it to Skype with your aunt from abroad, you probably don’t do it very often.

You can also disable the automatic startup of programs so that you do not have to wait so long to use your laptop.

Advantage: Your battery drains much more slowly, and your laptop works a lot faster since there are fewer programs open.

Nice! You can adjust this preference under System Preferences – Users & Groups if you have a MacBook.

You can open the Task Manager by pressing the Windows key, typing it, and clicking Start.

Tip 2: Get rid of unnecessary programs

You may not know the function of many of the standard programs on your laptop, such as chess, sticky notes, and Xbox 360.

Most likely, you do not or rarely use these programs even though they take up a lot of memory. What can you do with them?

Just throw them away! How do you find out which programs are on your laptop? You can find it under Programs (yes, that is how you do it on a MacBook).

If you are using Windows, you can find an overview of your programs under Apps and Features and then search for Disk Cleanup.

Please always check a program’s purpose before discarding it if you do not understand it.

Tip 3: Take good care of your battery

A hot battery is not good for your laptop, as you probably already know. Do you know that this is also the case with a cold battery?

Now that winter has arrived, it is especially important to bear this in mind. Do not simply leave your laptop in your vehicle.

Battery drains faster when you do this, and that is a shame if you really need it for an important presentation or for your Netflix marathon afterward.

Another surprising tip: if you are not going to use your laptop for a long time, don’t leave your battery fully charged.

Make sure it’s at least 40% charged. Keeping it in a full battery will cause it to lose capacity faster.

Tip 4: Back up your files

There are vacation photos, school and work folders, personal documents, and an endless list of favorite websites on your laptop. All of this should not be lost simultaneously.

Be sure to regularly back everything up. When your laptop is a year old, its memory capacity and battery capacity decrease, increasing the chances of it crashing.

For this reason, making copies of your laptop on an external hard drive is a good idea. By doing this, you can be sure that you won’t lose anything if your laptop fails.

Is it time to replace your laptop? Allow us to help you. There are so many points that are relevant to you that you can pay attention to. If you want you will find articles for yourself on our site.


Is it bad to keep your laptop plugged in all the time?

Most laptops have lithium-ion batteries. Once your battery reaches full capacity, it will simply stop charging, so keeping your laptop plugged in should not harm it.

Why do laptop batteries drain so quickly?

Keep your laptop indoors and out of direct sunlight. Although it is recommended to store laptop batteries at cold temperatures, too much cold can permanently damage your battery. You should keep the laptop away from your lap at all times. In many cases, placing a laptop on your lap causes it to overheat and block the air vents.

Should I charge my laptop 100 percent?

The battery should be charged to 100%, as it will not damage it. This has been considered the most reliable and best method for preserving the battery cycle. Many claim 80% of the battery is the best charge. There is a small difference, and your battery will last the same amount of time regardless.

Is there a best rate for charging my laptop?

As much as possible, maintain a battery level of 40 to 80 percent. Make sure your laptop’s cooling fan is working properly so that it doesn’t get too hot. Overcharging the battery will not damage it. Charges are bypassed.

Do you think it’s bad to charge your laptop twice a day?

YES. Overcharging any kind of device is bad for its battery health. The battery may even be shortened.

How many hours should I use my laptop each day?

Consumer laptops are made for home users, who use laptops only 3-4 hours a day. Maximum 6 hours while the commercial series is designed for business users, who use their laptops for 8 to 12 hours a day on average.

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