Best Desktop components for Cryptocurrency Mining in 2022

Hey there! Let us welcome you to this guide for selecting the best Bitcoin mining components. With crypto mining gaining momentum, here are some of the most demanding elements on the hardware market that miners may go for purchase in 2022. 

On solid ground

When we are looking for bitcoin mining, ASIC miners are the primary option for hardware. ASIC or any other application-specific IC is a prepared device that is very easy to set up and program when mining starts to get more interesting.

They need to put together a rig that includes a motherboard, GPU cards, and other components. 

So what was in favorite this year that the world’s miners did spend the most money on? Riot Blockchain purchased 15,000 units of the Antminer 19 series to deliver in 2022.

The international Marketing team of Bitmain, Nathaniel Justin Yu, said to Cointelegraph that in May 2020, The Antminer 19 series models were released and were in high demand by Bitcoin miners.

For those who decided to put together mining rigs, the most demanded equipment for mining for this year starts with the GPU cards.

Two longstanding opponents presented their newest creation this year: Following AMD’sAMD’s Radeon RX 6800, Nvidia presented GeForce RTX-3000 Series GPU cards in September. 

People argue about which one is better among these cards. But the main thing is when these cards will be available for all, as demand exceeds the supply.

Though Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Radeon RX580 are the best cards, users will look for the new coming one in 2022.


Next year, Bitmain will satisfy users with a series of 19 ASIC miners. The manufacturer confirmed that it would be applied to new solutions that help increase the performance of mining.

In September, another Chinese builder, Canaan Creative, presented a new model of the miner AvalonMiner 1246, which states to have 30% better performance than the previous one. According to the manufacturer, AvalonMiner 1246 could reach 90 trashes per second, while the A11 series process at an average of only 60–68 Th/s.

The miner is supposed to be available in January. Although this model is deficient in performance to Antminer 19, it costs slightly low. At around $3,000, it’s worth a second look for that looking to mine Bitcoin.

New GPU cards

While Nvidia was having trouble with its GeForce RTX 3060 Ti release, AMD already operating for the next release including its 6000 series.

The company declared its next series with a new RDNA 3 design in late 2021. The manufacturer announced the GPU should exceed the previous one in performance by 50% and will consume less power and cooling to run.

But Nvidia should not announce just yet. Though they are delayed in unveiling its GeForce RTX 3000 cards, the company will probably get ready to present new products for the event this year.

Probably they will manufacture reveal Ti and super changes, which should make happy miners. Though it will come with different prices for different cards and users will choose more options when putting together mining rigs.

New motherboard

If GPUs are the central part of mining, a good motherboard is also a must for it. The main highlight, in this case, is how many GPUs it supports to get installed. 

Compared with the MSI H310-F PRO, which has 13 GPU card slots, or the Asus B250 Mining Expert with 19 places, miners maybe not get any special goodies from manufacturers in 2021.

But new products are also on their way. Biostar, one of the biggest hardware producers, recently released a new TB360-BTC D+ motherboard architecture for cryptocurrency mining.

This motherboard has eight PCIe x16 slots, which is enough for a standard rig. However, they haven’t declared the price and the sales starting date yet.

Hardware that shouldn’t be overlooked

For practical mining, the choice of each component is critical. Aside from the right GPU card and motherboard, an uninterrupted internet connection and electricity are a must.

Additionally, parts for mining cryptocurrencies are boisterous and can get hot, so miners need to follow safety cautions. It is the best option for mining at home to run the rig in an air-conditioned or a cool room when it’s not. 

It’sIt’s very important to choose a robust power supply with enough power and, most importantly, protect against power rushes and other electrical problems. One such option at the beginning of 2021 is the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000, which costs around $200.

Selecting a frame is not all because it impacts the level of noise generated by the rig. Mineshop company brought Guntis Vitolins, which offers both ready-made rigs and equipment—noted to Cointelegraph that miners demand in the frame has changed this year. 

For those who don’t want to figure out the vexation topic of the making of the mining rig, GPU card choosing, and so on, some companies are offering turnkey solutions. This new year, moners are discussing these ready-made rigs named “mining 2.0.”

Vitolins reported that “sales have increased greatly since March 2020,” adding that GPU miners built with AMD GPU have been a unique hit.

How is 2022 for mining?

Observing the growing cryptocurrency prices and thrill of mining equipment gives relaxation that 2021 will start nicely than the previous year for the industry.

It is hard to predict whether crypto mining will stay just for fashion due to the current pandemic situation. 

It is better to say that miners in 2020 have become additionally experienced following Bitcoin’sBitcoin’s mining reward reduced to half and the kind of tough rainy season in China. Seeing the world nearly them for the first time, miners are no longer kids. But ready for the market flop and to adjust to any conditions. 

As many public companies will enter crypto mining, 2022 should further congeal the espousal and acceptance trend.

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