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George finds the website for Best Laptops Deal and starts reading through all of the different laptop reviews. Then, finally, he finds a review that seems to be speaking directly to him:

“I want a new laptop, but I can’t decide which one is best for me! They’re all so expensive, and they seem pretty similar in terms of features. So what do I do? Well, first off you need to ask yourself two things: how much money are you willing/able to spend on your new laptop and what’s your main use-case? Asking these questions will help narrow down which model is best for you.”


The first thing you should do when buying a new laptop is determined how much money you are willing and able to spend. The price range of laptops can be huge– anything from $100-$3000 or more! You have to ask yourself if the computer will meet your needs at this price. 


If you’re browsing Facebook and watching Netflix, we would recommend going for something cheaper. However, if you’re into graphic design and heavy gaming, then spending a little extra cash might be worth it, depending on how often you’ll use your laptop. Think about what sort of activities most interest YOU so that the money spent on the computer will be put to good use.

We also suggest considering your primary use case for the laptop. What will you be using it for? For example, if you think gaming is in your future, make sure to pay attention to the laptop’s graphics card. Laptops with better GPU’s will cost more, but they are worth investing in if you’re dead-set on playing AAA games (like Battlefield or Call of Duty). 


On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that can handle office work like writing blog posts and attending meetings, look for a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM so it can multitask quickly and efficiently.


If non-stop entertainment is what you’re looking for, then we would recommend getting a laptop with a 1080p screen. This kind of screen has the best contrast ratio, brightness levels, and color accuracy, which means you’ll get to enjoy even vivid colors and heightened clarity.


When looking for a laptop, it’s also essential to consider the design of your computer. You might think this is unimportant, but after using the same notebook every day for hours on end, we can promise you that comfort is something necessary. 

Ergonomic keyboards and thick padding beneath the touchpad will make typing more comfortable and reduce fatigue over long periods of use. Another vital feature is screen size: 13″ laptops are usually best suited for average-sized people (between 5’5″-6’1″), whereas 15″ laptops can accommodate bigger individuals or those who prefer larger screens when working/browsing the web/watching movies. The weight of the laptop is also something to keep in mind– lighter laptops are easier to carry around all day long.


After considering these aspects of the Best Laptops Deal, you should have a pretty good idea of which laptop is best for you.

Best of luck!


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